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  • ID: TALENTS193617
  • Talent Type : Solo
  • Gender : Male
  • Town : Liverpool
  • Country : England
  • Seeking Work : Weddings, Birthday, Corporate, Tv / Film, Modelling, Club, Bar, Festivals
  • Travel Distance : Any Where
  • Skills : Acting, Dancing, Modelling, Hosting, Fire Performing, Audience Participation , Live Performer
  • Experience : 10 - 20 years

    I'm Matthew, a very mobile actor, artist, poet and performer and producer. Despite having only one leg, I move like I have 8 and I cover 2000 miles per month working and travelling. I've played leading and support roles in tv, stage, film and immersive theatre productions and actively attend acting workshops and lessons to improve my skills and to benefit from feedback and reflection as a performer. I run my own dance troupe 'Twisted Shaman', I am the Entertainments and Performance Arts manager for Good Life Events, which is primarily based around immersive and physical theatre, and I am a regular stage and walkabout performer on the festival circuit. I currently train in mixed armed and historical martial arts and take my physical development as seriously as my creative crafts. I paint in chocolate in my spare time and I dream big and I live like I dream. Please view my profile to see if I would be suitable for any upcoming roles you may have :) Matthew Roche

    2017 -

    • Good Life Productions : Entertainment and Performing Arts Manager
    • The Wormhole : Director, Producer, Writer and played multiple characters in an immersive theatre epic of inter-galactic war and conspiracy - starring Donald Trump, Men in Black, Roswells, reptilians, Jedi and soulless genocidal cyborgs.
    • 1921 (ASA Productions and Enterprises) : Supporting Artist in Bollywood film
    • The High Window (feature film) : Walk-on/Circus Performer/SA
    • Casualty (BBC) : Walk-on/SA
    • Reprobates (tv pilot episode) : Featured leading role as 'Ailbe', a narcisstic and sadistic bar manager
    • Ask The Cheat (feature film) : Featured role in own scene as a Blind transgender charity collector
    • Guerilla - a play in West Yorkshire Playhouse as part of Transform film festival : Physical theatre
    • Act Up North : 1 year Acting Class


    This year, I have worked constantly in a breadth of roles and performance arts disciplines, from festival performances to a number of S.A bookings, a leading role in a TV pilot, a featured role in a feature film and in multiple terrorist and disaster evacuation simulation training exercises, where realism and immersive method acting is paramount to simulate an actual traumatic event that emergency responders had to react to in order to train for such an actual event. This was done through Nimski agency and in collaboration with HM Forces.

    My most challenging role so far was in "Virtually Dead" from Bearded Kitten; a groundbreaking and cutting edge immersive theatre project which won rave reviews and was very ambitious in scope and in delivery. I starred in a major speaking role with a crucial involvement in full immersion and manipulation of the audience. The play was for 21 days straight and there were 24 shows per day, every 15 minutes, so there were little breaks, and each performance had to be as charged as the last and next. Many actors had to share roles so as to allow for vocal and bodily recovery, as back-to-back shifts were too taxing. My role, needing an amputee meant that I could not afford the same breaks, and I only took 3 days off due to cracked ribs and a ruptured volar plate. The role required improvisation on the spot as each group interacted in a different way, but the whole experience was as rewarding and exhilarating as it was exhausting. 

    I have also worked previously as a one-legged rising undead in a zombie movie, an injured invalid in Casualty 1909, worked numerous times as a Jack Sparrow lookalike, a performer in a circus cabaret based in Nottinghamshire and as a walking performer at festival and family events, mostly in epic fantasy based roles.